Do you need to use a licensed electrician?


There are a huge number of factors to consider when choosing the right electrician for your needs, however there are a few essential things that any electrician must have.

One of these is an electrical worker’s licence.

What is an electrical workers licence?

Issued by the Electrical Licensing Board, an electrical workers licence should be current and up to date. By having a licensing system within the electrician industry, the customer can be re assured that only qualified electricians will be offered by any reputable company.

The SA Government website has a lot more information about how you can get one of these.

Why do electricians need to be licensed?

By ensuring that the electrician you choose is fully licensed, you can be confident that they have received full training. Most importantly, their work will be safe and up to the standards deemed necessary for electrical work in Australia.

If your electrician is not licensed, this could affect the warranty on the work as well as causing multiple issues for you if anything breaks with your electrics further down the line.


Electrical Safety Certificates

You should always receive an electrical safety certificate within 28 days of service. This guarantees that your work was performed safely, by licensed electricians. It also confirms that the electrics all comply with regulation standards. Any licensed electrician will be able to produce one of these for you and their individual licence number will be shown on the certificate itself.

Reduction of Risk

By using an un-licensed electrician you could be putting yourself and your family or tenants at considerable risk. Every year hundreds of people are treated in Australian hospitals for easily preventable electrical injuries. By taking the time to find a licensed electrician, you can be assured that work will be carried out safely and to the required regulatory standards.

Without safe electrical procedures, you could be at increased risk of electrical fires, shocks or other injuries. In addition, expensive appliances may be fitted incorrectly which could lead to them breaking or only lasting for half of their potential lifespan.

As well as physical risk, you may put yourself under financial risk when using an unlicensed electrician as many insurance companies will not cover fire or public liability claims if the installation of electrical appliances or systems was carried out incorrectly.

How to check if an electrician is licensed

There’s really no excuse for using an unlicensed electrician. It’s simple to find out whether they hold an appropriate electrical workers license by simply searching their name in the licensing public register.

Never take an electrician’s word for it if you’re in doubt regarding whether they hold a licence – you are within your rights to request to see this before entering into any financial agreement with them.

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